Although snow trips are usually made by car or bus, there are many who decide to escape to ski with their own vehicle. Among other recommendations, do not forget that it is important to make a small review of your vehicle before making a trip to the snow.

Whether you have recently changed the car, it is the first time you are going to ski, or you have never needed snow chains, it is now possible to choose the snow chains that best suit your vehicle, being able to choose from more than 4,000 references.


How to know the size of the tire?


cadenas de nieve


Once we have the dimensions of our tires (195/65/15 for example), in just a few clicks, we can find the chain models available on our website at We also recommend entering the type of vehicle to make the search more accurate.

Snow directly affects adhesion and our driving. A car with adequate traction increases road safety.

Winter comes, and with it the drop in temperatures, storms, frost, wind … and snow! The last wave of cold that has affected our country has dyed many of the roads of the Spanish territory white.

Caution at the wheel should be accentuated during this time of year. And, although having a suitable car, adapted to the adverse conditions of winter, can save your life, it is also necessary to take into account a series of recommendations before launching yourself on the road.

Driving with snow safely is possible, but first you must take these directions into account to avoid unexpected shocks at the wheel.

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