Roborock vacuum robots allow daily scrubbing now easier and without interruption. Advanced navigation and powerful suction power make having a clean and sanitized floor easier than ever.


The way to clean in our homes is no longer what it used to be. Especially in regard to the floor of the house. Although it is hard to believe, passing the broom or the mop is out of fashion, or will be increasingly so, if vacuum robots continue to innovate as before. Thanks to their small size, Roborock devices allow thorough cleaning with minimal effort and boast of being increasingly powerful and able to perform increasingly advanced functions, the new Roborock S5 Max is a good test.



Roborock vacuum robots, all advantages

The main advantage of vacuum robots is that they work by themselves, capable of cleaning the floor of our home autonomously. Having a robot vacuum cleaner in our homes allows us to free ourselves of time and effort, which we can allocate to other domestic tasks or simply to enjoy our little ones. In addition, they have important benefits for our health and well-being.



Another advantage of Roborock: through the app, it is possible to schedule frequent cleaning, even daily, eliminating a greater number of harmful particles and mites and other allergens, improving the quality of indoor air and if we have the air purifier My Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro, much better still.



The Roborock S5 Max detects carpets and automatically adjusts the suction power.


Dust mite allergy, for example, is another health problem that affects millions of people worldwide. Dust mites or pollen are the main causes of respiratory allergies in people suffering from allergic rhinitis, an increasingly widespread pathology that affects more than 30% of the population, according to the WHO.


Unlike pollen, whose presence is temporary (spring and summer), dust mites persist throughout the year, especially in dusty and dirty environments.


Keep in mind that in young children who are sensitive to dust mites, their early exposure is associated with asthma and reduced lung function, according to experts.



From the app you can configure “prohibited areas” in which the vacuum cleaner will not enter or use the mop


According to the experts, in order to keep the house floor free of dust, hair or lint, you should vacuum at least once a week and at least once more in the middle of the week in the areas most prone to accumulating dust. And even more often if there are pets or young children in the house or if you usually walk around the house in socks or barefoot.


Roborock vacuum robots provide us with this minimum frequency, and its use may be sufficient for many users depending on the environment and their lifestyle. It is also recommended to use disinfecting solutions such as Sanytol, which can be used in vacuum robots to improve the result that the robot already provides us, leaving a disinfected and clean surface at the same time.



Frequent cleaning removes more harmful particles, dust mites and other allergens, improving indoor air quality


IMPORTANT: Optimize the task of the robot vacuum cleaner

Although vacuum robots can perform their task without user intervention, for best results it is advisable to prepare the home and configure the robot correctly.


  • Roborock’s latest models are capable of creating a three-dimensional map of the home using radar technology similar to that used by autonomous cars. This allows, among other things, to program its operation: by rooms or by specific areas, and even exclude areas where we do not want the robot to vacuum or mop.
  • Some models detect the presence of carpets and automatically adjust the suction power for cleaning. It is advisable to check that the rugs do not have raised edges.
  • Order the areas with cables, such as under the TV cabinet, to prevent the robot from getting tangled in them.
  • Do not leave small objects such as socks or small toys scattered on the floor, to avoid entanglement or the robot vacuuming them. The Roborock S5 Max is powerful enough to vacuum and lift double AA batteries.
  • No need to worry about furniture or stairs: Roborock’s latest model, the S5 Max features a powerful 32-bit quad-core processor, capable of mapping each room and memorizing where all obstacles are. It also detects steps and unevenness.
  • Periodically, the dust container must be emptied, preventing it from filling, although the suction force does not decrease. In addition, so that cleaning is not interrupted, and to obtain the best suction force. And control the water level in the tank on those models with a mop function, to prevent the robot from running out of water during the daily routine.
  • It is more convenient to schedule cleaning, or control it remotely from the mobile app, for those times when no one is home. In this way, the maximum suction power can be configured without disturbing any member of the family. Otherwise the silent mode is just that, silent.
  • Whenever it is not in use, it is advisable that the robot vacuum cleaner is in its charging base; This way, when the cleaning process starts, the battery will be charged. If necessary, the robot will interrupt cleaning to return to the charging base, and then automatically resume the task.


Which Roborock robot vacuum cleaner to choose?




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