In KPsport we have found a way to motivate and encourage our team through a team competition, which at the same time encourages physical exercise thanks to Fitbit devices.


There are more and more companies that assume among their priority tasks the well-being of their employees, so on November 20, our Mission to the Moon took off in innovation and health.


The boys of Fitbit, in addition to putting us all to take steps during the Mission to the Moon proposed us a challenge: to start a healthier life step by step, specifically 14,000 steps, which were what we have to take, at least, daily during A total of 30 days.





Let yourself be advised by our Fitbit experts and prepare your employees a series of challenges and objectives that will help to know their strengths as a team and enjoy a different environment than usual.


In order to achieve the objectives that we will raise in our Mission to the Moon (as an example), it will be essential that the teams bring out some of the most important values ​​that adorn the high performance teams: concentration, communication, desire to excel, collaboration and interaction.


Without the involvement of all the “players” it will be impossible to achieve the objectives of the activity.

All will be important and essential. They will have to prove that they are A GREAT TEAM!

If you do not have a Fitbit device yet, check your nearest point of sale, click here.



– We encourage you to help us bring the KPS flag to the Moon.
– For this we have created 6 teams of 10 people. Each group represents a space shuttle.
– Each group member will receive a borrowed FITBIT, except those that already have one, in order to measure their daily activity.
– There are 7 phases to complete our mission to the moon. Collect the necessary team steps, help take KPsport even further and be the best team!
– Duration: from November 20 to December 19.


The mission to the Moon will be won by the team that first completes 4,200,000 steps before the mission comes to an end, on 12/20/2019. This activity can help your company to program a series of team building activities that will help work values ​​such as team cohesion, planning and communication.


Objective of the activity

Strengthen the pride of belonging to the company and coordination between them.

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