The update of the GoPro Quik & GoPro apps includes new features and tools for editing photos and videos that lay the foundations for future innovation.

GoPro and Quik merge to offer an incredible mobile editing experience

Do you have content? The new GoPro application, launched today, helps users see, edit and share it faster and more original. It includes the best of Quick, the application to edit video, with a new design, improved narrative tools and optimized filters; all thanks to a new more powerful software engine. This update is the first in a series designed to create a unified mobile editing service. Thus, from now on, all the functions and utilities necessary to control the GoPro from the smartphone will be available.


Users of the GoPro application will notice the news instantly: a more modern visual design and user interface that make navigation more intuitive. But the best thing is the storytelling experience, with a stream of several clips improved in QuikStory that allows the GoPro application to more accurately detect the important moments of the content and automatically suggest incredible compilations of stories with your photos and videos. The stories include recently recorded content on the GoPro, but it is also possible to add photos and videos from the smartphone library.


Another new function is the possibility of combining filters in the same QuikStory. Today’s update makes more than 20 filters available to users and allows them to use several types of filters in the same video made with several clips. The result is an editing experience with multiple customization options and endless creative possibilities.


GoPro Quik


The update of the GoPro application offers more creative flexibility, since it eliminates the restrictions suffered by the drafts of the previous edition model. Now, QuikStory videos will always have an editable format, so they can be modified at any time. This new function is a significant improvement over the previous Quik transmission process and provides users of the GoPro application with a more powerful method to manage their content and update their editions whenever they want.

Users of the GoPro application can start experimenting with these developments and enjoy the advantages of merging with Quik, but there will be many more. There are many improvements in the roadmap to the unified application, such as editing single clips to offer a comprehensive editing package for individual clips, new themes to make your photos and videos more similar to the content produced by GoPro and compatibility with more platforms to integrate third-party content in GoPro editions.

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