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Don’t you have the GoPro HERO7 Black? If your model is Silver or White, don’t worry! The troubleshooting guide can also help you get more out of your GoPro Hero7 camera.

The HERO 7 White, is the most basic model, the ideal camera for those users who will use the GoPro camera pultually, which has the main characteristics of its older “sisters”. The HERO 7 Silver, the intermediate model, for fans or those who use the GoPro more frequently and want more performance, and finally the HERO 7 Black, the best action camera on the market.


HERO7 Black

Incredibly fluid content. Smart capture power Tested on the battlefield and submersible without housing. This is the HERO7 Black, the most advanced GoPro of all. Thanks to HyperSmooth (superfluid) stabilization, you will get videos as if you were using a stabilizer, but without using it. A new smart photo mode automatically offers the best images. And now, with the live stream (Live Streaming) and the GoPro application, you can share every incredible moment as you live it. The HERO7 Black takes GoPro performance, along with your photos and videos, to a completely different level.

GoPro HERO7 Black

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HERO7 Silver

Discover the HERO7 Silver, the ideal camera for small and large adventures. It has a resistant and completely submersible design; you just have to take it and get going. The fluid video in 4K and the dynamic photos in WDR format will make every moment look amazing. With GPS you can check how fast, how high and how far you have gone. With an intuitive touch screen, you can start using it instantly to get fantastic shots. In addition, your photos and videos will go directly to the GoPro application so you can share them easily. From those beach vacation days to the good times with your family: capture your life in a completely new way with the HERO7 Silver.

GoPro HERO7 Silver

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HERO7 White

We present the HERO7 White, the ideal companion in any adventure. It is resistant, small and completely submersible, so you can take it anywhere. An intuitive touch screen makes it easier to get fantastic shots. You just have to slide and touch. Use the photo timer to take a great selfie. You can even shoot vertically and then add your photos and videos directly to your Instagram story. Your shots will automatically go to the GoPro application for instant sharing. From incredible moments to everyday situations, capture the fun in new and creative ways with the HERO7 White.

GoPro HERO7 White

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