If you were lucky enough to activate a Fitbit device on vacation, welcome! Most likely, you still know your device, and that’s super. Creating a Fitbit account opens you up to a lot of healthy things to do, track and share that can take a bit to fully familiarize you.

Here are 12 subtle features that you won’t want to miss:


Create goals. Most Fitbit devices allow you to set and adjust daily goals, such as activity, exercise, weight, hydration, nutrition and sleep goals, at any time directly from your app [How to set goals]. Your daily progress towards these benchmarks can be seen on your board. With certain devices, you can also set a “primary target,” which programs your tracker to alert you through lights and / or vibrations when it hits you. To see if your device has this capability, click on the “Account” icon in your Fitbit application, choose the device you are using, click on “Primary Objective” and choose one.


Customize your board. The quick view tokens on the Fitbit board are not fixed. You can add them, delete them, edit them and reorganize them from your app and / or fitbit.com so that they adapt better to your needs and objectives.


Manually record activities. If you currently use Fitbit One, Zip, Flex or Charge, which do not offer SmartTrack, or are doing an exercise that does not require steps (indoor, elliptical cycling) or involves complex movements based on steps (such as tennis), manually record the Activity can improve the accuracy of the contribution of this activity to burning calories. It is also an excellent option on the days when you forget your tracker at home. This explains how to use manual tracking, as well as edit or delete automatic entries.


Be competitive. Do you want to compete against others? Create a group on fitbit.com and add friends. From there, you can see the leaderboard to see how you rank against other members and have discussions. If your list of friends feels scarce, don’t worry: you can soon find other like-minded people through groups integrated in the application.


Immerse yourself deeply in your data. The details screen that you access when you click on a panel tile is also not static. For many, you can scroll through the top panel to see more data analysis and even get averages of one week, one month, three months and one year. You can also click on the day-to-day statistics that make up the rest of the screen to further investigate a specific day. This is where you can find information such as sleep quality, your longest stationary period, how much time you spent in each heart rate zone and more.


Share photos. Have you ever seen someone share great photos of your training or screenshots of your dashboard, badges or other achievements on social media? You can also do it, and directly from your Fitbit app! Here we show you how to share your exercise, statistics and achievements, adventure milestones, challenge results and badges. Later this month, sharing becomes even easier with the launch of Fitbit Community.


Improves battery life. The battery life of your tracker depends on the device you have, its use and configuration, and other factors. Search your device for specific ways that can help extend battery life.


Set a reminder at bedtime. I hope you took advantage of your ability to set a sleep schedule, but how about a bedtime reminder? Scheduling an alert that asks you to start relaxing 30 minutes before your bedtime goal can help you maintain a constant sleep schedule, which experts say may benefit your health.


Registration nap. If your device automatically detects sleep (all wrist-based Fitbit do), any nap that takes more than an hour will be stored in your sleep history. For something shorter, you must manually register your dream.


Wake up with a silent alarm. Actually, there is a friendlier and friendlier way to start the morning. Learn how to set up a silent alarm that will wake you up with vibrations, and then discover 13 other ways silent alarms can be useful: you can set up to eight on each Fitbit monitor, except Zip!


Request a weekly progress report. Are you curious to know how you are doing or do you want to make sure you are following your goals? You can choose to get a weekly summary, which includes weekly totals, daily averages, badges obtained, comparisons with friends and more, within your notifications.


Synchronize with other applications. Do you travel in Platoon, sweat with Fitstar, stay organized with Amazon Alexa or train your brain with Lumosity? These apps, and many more, can be synchronized with your Fitbit account to easily share data. Check out all currently supported applications.

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